What We Have Done

Our development programmes and projects

We have been able to benefit over 50,000 people belonging to 5,000 rural households, 150 Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and established six network organizations of these CBOs. We supported the communities for overcoming poverty, improving their livelihood, building capacity to cope with the shocks and emergencies, and enabled them to influence the policy for socio-economic and institutional transformation in their favour.

Our broad focus of the past development interventions and achievements included:

(i) EWASS Programme  

(ii) Goat farming

(iii) Tailoring training

(iv) Soap manufacturing training

(v) Hojiyari training,

1(vi) Sustainable Soil Management Programme

(vii) Local Infra structure Livelihood Improvement Programme,

(viii Pre construction Training,

(ix) Operation and Maintenance Training,

(x) Cash crops production training

(xi) Utpadit samgri mulya bare bajar byabastapan training-(SSMP)

(xii) Youth awareness programme ILO 169

(xiii) Uba kulat tatha durbeyasani biruda awareness programme

(XIV) AFEC Training etc.

(XV)Group formation

(XIV)Cooperative Training & Formation

(XV )Strengthening The Accountability Local Governance Programme (salgp)

(Xvi)Multi stakeholder Forest Programme &

(XVII)Pig farming Programme etc.

While working with the development programmes in these areas, we deliberately incorporated ‘gender equality and social inclusion’ into the intervention process as a cross-cutting theme to provide a sense of inclusive governance and development. Besides that we also included cross-cutting issues disability in project.