Organizational Structure

The General Assembly is the highest body in the hierarchy of the organization. Currently the organization is comprised of 49 members representing diverse ethnicity, gender, geographical regions and walks of life.  The General Assembly brings any amendment in the organizational structure. The General Assembly, which meets each year, also elects the Executive Committee for a period of 5 years. Presently, the Executive Committee consists of 7 members (4 female and 3 male). The Executive Committee is responsible and accountable to General Body for its work and organizational management. This is the body accountable for effective smooth functioning of the organizational activities. The Executive Committee also nominates the Executive Director of the organization to perform the management functions, guide the staff members and link with donors for partnership. The senior staffs work under the direct supervision of the Executive Director; Project Officers lead the projects in consultation of Executive Director and Programme Coordinators.


The Executive Committee is accountable to the General Assembly for effective management of the organisation, programme as well as for the proper utilisation of funds provided by the different sources.  Similarly, the Executive Committee members monitor the programme/project and activities of Finance Unit for ensuring the high-quality accounting.

Organizational Transparency

EWS-Okhaldhunga is open to its funding partners, and other stakeholders, and provides all types of information considering the requirement. More importantly, it is very much open to the participants/beneficiaries especially about information such as project fund, working approaches and project activities. The organization is in close contact with the relevant institutions and line agencies and providing all necessary information to the authorities at all levels.

Our Team

 Executive Committee and Members

General Assembly

Asha Rai


s.n. Name Post
1 Asha Rai Chairman
2 Subash Chandra Rai Vice Chairman
3 Nabin Rai Secretary
4 Krishna Rai Treasurer
5 Sabina Gurung Deputy  Secretary
6 Nabaraj Khadka Member
7 Shanti Darji Pariyar Member

Exacutive Director

1 Binod kumar Sunuwar
1 Dr. Lal Rapacha Indigenous Expert
2 Tikaram Mulicha Agronomist
3 Bhim Kirat Legal Adviser
4 Bishnu Bahadur Sunuwar Local expert

Programme Management unit

Nabindra khatiwada Programme coordinator
Lila Shrestha Social coordinator
Bhojhari adhikari Engineer
Dipa shrestha Jta Agriculture
Khilak sunuwar Jta Vetnary
sukulaxi rai Monitoring evaluation
Rabina Rai Account Officer